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  • 1. Student must be regular in classes. She must have 65% attendance in each subject and 75% aggregate (including all subjects). Otherwise she will be detained in  the same semester and will not be allowed to appear in Board exam.
  • 2. If student remain absent for 10 consecutive working days without any information to the HOD/Class incharge, her name may be struck off from the roll of the institute.
  • 3. Semester term fee shall be deposited twice a year at the commencement of each semester through NET banking or as per orders issued by the Principle. Non payment of tuition fee and other dues for 15 days after the last date for payment, name will be struck off from the roll of the institute.
  • 4. Students may be expelled or rusticated from the institute if found guilty of any kind of misconduct/ misbehaviour.  
  • 5. For any kind of certificate required by the students from the institute/Principle, an application with supporting documents duly signed and forwarded by Class Incharge and HOD should be submitted in Academic Cell atleast 3 days in advance.